my first blog post…

Hi, love.

I’m Grey. It’s January of 2016, the perfect time to start a blog. I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile now, so I guess I’m finally getting to it. My hopes for this blog are big. I hope that it stays with me, like an old friend, and is there for me when I need it. I hope I will be able to post about what I’m going through, things I’ve learned, and what I’m doing. Maybe no one will read this. That’s okay. I’d be content with that.

The reason I am writing this cheesy and honestly really stupid thing is that I literally could not live with myself if I didn’t write a first post. You’re probably already annoyed with me because of this, so if you are, you can stop reading this post and go find another one of mine that’s better suited for your time. Or read this. Whatever you do, have fun with it, I guess??

To help anyone who is reading this get to know me a little better, I’ll tell you about myself. I am a writer. I am a photographer. I am a musician. I am an explorer. I am an artist. I am an avid reader and a binge-watcher. I am a lover of God. I’m working on a few novels at the moment; my brain is a chaotic place overflowing with ideas that I just have to get out. I use a Nikon D3300 and my iPhone 5s for my photographs. I take pictures of things I love that express memories and moments from my life. They’ll all be fantastic stories someday, I suppose. I played the clarinet for a good four years in elementary and middle school and I now play the piano in high school. I hope to play guitar someday, and maybe even write a song or two. My love of music inspires this. I love too much music to describe to you in this moment. I guess you’ll have to hear about it in future blog entries! I explore cities. I explore my yard and my neighborhood. I explore my interests. I explore my faith. I explore my mind.  I love learning, and the best way for me to do that is to explore. I am an artist because I love creative expression and hidden meanings. I am an avid reader and a binge-watcher because I love stories and I love adventures. I am a lover of God because I am completely in love with life. And, just like being in a relationship, sometimes life drives me away. At moments like that, I turn to God and trust that everything happens for a reason.

So, now you have a glimpse of who I am. I hope you stay in touch with me by reading my blog. I’d love to share some of my life with you! Thanks for visiting, and happy exploring!


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