a divine lens

recently, i have seen God in almost every aspect of my life. i see every little moment that happens to correlate to another moment as part of God’s intricate plan. i have had more of these experiences than i can count recently, but i wanted to share one in particular with you guys.

in my previous post, i reviewed the panic! at the disco concert (it was absolutely phenomenal). i went with a significant amount of anxiety because of all of the news about mass shootings. with the fifteen times that obama has had to address the country about certain mass shootings in mind, i walked into the gates of the amphitheater already very nervous about guns. a heavy pit of anxiety settled in my stomach, but i desperately tried to push it away so that i could enjoy the show.

before the show began, my friend and i went to the bathroom. as i was washing my hands, a girl whom i don’t know tapped me on the shoulder. “you have beautiful hair,” she said with a smile. i gushed a “thank you,” but was too shocked to say anything else.

i was dumbstruck. flabbergasted. flattered. that single, simple compliment is all I needed. it is all i needed to ease my anxieties. i am so thankful for a God who can see my worries and know exactly how to counter them when i forget to pray or ask for help. i am so thankful that this wonderful girl complimented me. she doesn’t know how much it means to me, and it makes me sad that i can never repay her for that. the best part of all of this is that all it took was one sentence from her. one single, simple sentence. that sentence eased my anxieties, put a gushing smile on my face, and set me in the happiest of moods to guide me right into the happiest of nights.

through events like this, i see God. i look for the tiniest connections in life so that i can see Him, because i want more of God. we live in a fragmented and broken world. sometimes, it’s awfully hard for us to see God because of the filth that separates us from Him. sometimes that filth isn’t always the sin we personally commit. sometimes, the evil of the world can make the lens we see God through completely fogged up. for instance, police brutality, the pulse night club shooting, and christina grimmie’s murder have really shaken me up. peoples’ responses to them have shaken me up worse. i cannot fathom the fact that people are saying things like “God sent the shooter” to the victims’ families in orlando. i cannot fathom why people are getting away with killing unarmed children. i cannot fathom why christina was killed; i saw her in concert! i feel like i knew her, in a sense! these acts of pure evil really fog my lens, but all it takes is a tiny speck of good to clear it.

that one single, simple sentence is living proof of this. it was more than a compliment. it was proof that there is still so much good in humanity. so much bravery. so much love. in light of this, i want to challenge you to do something. try to be like that girl. clear your lens and other peoples’ lenses by performing random acts of kindness to strangers. small acts of love and compassion have so much power. in this broken world, we need all we can get. so go. get out of your house. do. love. you are unstoppable.


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