panic! at the disco concert review

after listening to their music for over a year and a half, i was so excited to get tickets to one of their shows. i was so excited to see brendon right before my eyes and hear my favorite songs played right in front of me. panic! at the disco did not meet my expectations. it tremendously succeeded them.

honestly, it was the best concert i’ve ever been to, and i’ve been to more than i can count. brendon’s energy was absolutely phenomenal. his vocal range proves to be outstanding, and that fact is shown through the variety of songs he slays; ranging from the ballad of mona lisa, don’t threaten me with a good time, crazy=genius, bohemian rhapsody, and so many more incredible works.

his energy and stage presence made me feel so connected to him, his music, and the fans. i had a blast singing at the top of my lungs and dancing to his music.

his positive energy radiated through the entirety of the crowd and made me so happy that i couldn’t think of a single reason not to be.

his words about loving whoever you want to love eased the pain i’ve been feeling from the pulse night club shooting, and the meanings behind each and every one of his songs allowed me to connect with brendon on a more personal level.

his high notes and backflip had me screaming my head off. my voice is still hoarse and my throat is still raw.

brendon urie is such a talented individual. his writing talents, performance skills, beautiful soul, alight smile, and wonderful presence absolutely made my night. panic! at the disco is a must-see. i had the time of my life.

the words i have written here don’t do his show justice. his cover of bohemian rhapsody had me close to tears. his dedication of this is gospel to his friend, spencer, who is two years sober, was absolutely dear. his spiel about love, again, eased so much pain from the recent horrors in the news.  the subtle elements he added to each song made them all so good, and i can say with full assurance that he sounded even better live than on record– even though he already sounds amazing on record!

this concert absolutely wins my 5/5 stars. if i had more, brendon would get them all. thanks for an amazing night, panic!


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