an ode to mother nature

nature sometimes joins her effects and her appearances to our acts with a sort of serious and intelligent appropriateness, as if she would compel us to reflect.

-victor hugo, les misérables

you come from nature. i come from nature. think about how sacred and beautiful that is.

one of the greatest scientific laws states that matter can neither be created nor destroyed, simply rearranged.

before the big bang, when the universe as we know it was packed into a tiny speck, we were all stardust. now, the atoms that make up you and me have moved throughout time and history just to be within our own compositions. they were here before the beginning and will remain long after the end. these atoms encrust our souls. they give us the ability to experience life’s greatest joys: tasting your favorite fruit on a hot day, curling up in your favorite blanket, breathing in deeply and feeling oxygen flood your bones, laughing until you hurt…

we are made of nature. we are made of the vibrance and beauty of the stars we look up to at night. we are made of the innocent joy that flows from waterfalls. we are made of the surge and oblivion of the sea. we are made of the mystery and allure of the mountains. we are made of the openness and isolation of the desert. we are made of the solitude and strength of canyons. we are made of every part of nature, as we came from nature herself.

we are all earthlings. we are all deserving of love, of compassion, of respect. we are all so delicately placed in the midst of such a vast universe. in the middle of such an unpredictable and random abyss, we are all here: meeting each other, falling in love, having breakfast, and frolicking under an infinite blanket of stardust.

nature does, in fact, compel us to reflect. there is a different part of nature for everyone; a certain condition that makes everyone feel their best. as we are in the midst of exam season right now, i want you to envision your healing space. the part of nature that wraps you up and envelops you in love and serenity. nature is intelligent, and compels us to reflect and to heal. as i sit here, writing this, sipping on tart lemon tea, i am so content. wishing you serenity and strength.


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