a twenty-sixteen introspection

my life changed more than ever in 2016. in 2016, i started this blog, went vegan, made an a in two of my hardest classes, grew in my spirituality, and learned to love myself. i’d say that the first half of 2016 was much better than the second half, though, because this year was not all sunshine and roses. the adjustment to sophomore year was tough; it took a lot out of me mentally, emotionally, and even physically; the election was stressful and brought the worst out of everyone; i got sick for three weeks over winter break. yet, despite the struggles i did face in 2016, i want to focus on the good that came out of this year.

veganism has changed my life completely. i’m sure you know that by now, so i’ll try not to ramble. through educating myself, i made what I consider the first bold choice i have ever made in my entire life. i’m someone who likes to stay in her comfort zone. i have always known exactly what I like and exactly what i’m comfortable with and i’ve always been hesitant to big changes. i’ve never taken a big risk or gone out of my comfort zone or changed my life in a way that will affect everything i do. well, at least, not until i went vegan. going vegan is more than replacing meat, dairy and eggs with plant foods. it’s reading every ingredient label on every product you ever buy, it’s double and triple checking with everyone that your food has no animal products, it’s getting weird and sometimes hateful looks from your peers, it’s researching every makeup and beauty company you could possibly use to ensure they don’t, in any way, test on animals, it’s making sure your clothes and products aren’t made of leather, wool, or silk, it’s consciously choosing to stand against violence and cruelty in every way. this may seem like a nuisance, but i see it as a beauty. my point is that veganism is bold, and i’ve never really been one to do bold things until i came across veganism. veganism did, and still does,  demand every part of my being.

through veganism, i found compassion, joy, love, abundance, and energy. through those qualities, i learned to love myself. it wasn’t easy, and i’m nowhere near perfect at it, for i still have bad days. bad days are inherent. they are a part of the human experience and they teach us. so, through a medley of good and bad days, 2016 was by far the most influential and beautiful year i’ve lived through.

favorite memories of 2016

  • starting this blog in january
  • being vegetarian from january –> april
  • partaking in the memory project in january
  • traveling to san francisco, california in april
  • going vegan on earth day in april
  • volunteering at the georgia sea turtle center in june
  • the summer of 2016
  • going to the mountains in july – tennessee
  • going to the mountains in september – north carolina
  • experiencing music midtown in september
  • celebrating world vegan day
  • camping in the mountains with friends in november – georgia
  • spending christmas with family in december
  • going to an art museum and a vegan restaurant with friends in december
  • celebrating new year’s eve with friends in december

2016 concerts

2017 Resolutions

  • Be consistent taking B12 supplement
  • Limit junk foods
  • Increase protein, healthy fats, and abundant carbs
  • Workout more! Do yoga!
  • Spend more time outside
  • Do more art
  • Read more
  • Limit screens + delete Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook from my phone
  • Blog regularly
  • Be more positive
  • Get my Drivers’ License
  • Get a job
  • Continue to love more/be more positive

Best wishes and lots of love to you as we begin our 2017 journey. We got this!


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