about me


i’m grey. i’m fifteen. i love the ocean and the mountains all the same; i’m far too indecisive to choose between the two. i’m in love with the color you get when you mix pink and yellow and orange – kind of a sunset coral. and i’m in love with words. i have been since i’ve known how to form letters; i’ve been one to paint infinite pictures on paper by stringing together the finite letters we have in our alphabet.

on april twenty-second of twenty sixteen, i went vegan. this choice was somewhat planned, but most of all it was a leap into a great unknown. since then, i’ve found out so much about myself, and i’ve rediscovered what love, compassion, forgiveness, and kindness truly mean. i’ve learned to question the things i’m told, and i’ve learned to put my trust in God and in myself throughout my life.

my hope is to inspire you, and that maybe you could inspire me, too. i have learned to fall in love with the solitude of my mind – somewhere between immensity and eternity, i am finding my way. i believe most strongly that God is love – that God is in all things – that God is all things. this is just the beginning. thank you. know of my abundant love and prayers – xoxo

[i try to post every week; but i am not perfect so sometimes i miss a date. i write about veganism, healthy living, love + positivity, compassion + kindness, spirituality + faith + Jesus, and all things in between. thank you for visiting!]



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